The object of the CFF is the advancement of the Christian religion amongst single people and any dependants of theirs.  Single people are those who have never been married, or are widows or widowers, those who have been divorced or whose marriage has been annulled and those at present living apart from their spouse.


The CFF has local groups in many (though not all) areas of the country.  Local groups organise their own programmes.  These may include such things as Bible studies, walks, visits to the theatre / concerts, quizzes, discussions, meals out or Bring and Share meals, visits to places of interest, prayer and praise, meeting for coffee, watching DVDs etc.  A list of local groups with a selection of their programmes is available under "Local Groups" - "Locations and Programmes".


Please note that membership of the CFF is for people in the British Isles only.  Letters from abroad cannot be answered unless they are accompanied by the appropriate amount of money (in British currency) or stamps for a reply, as there is now no International Reply Coupon facility available from the Post Office.